Intense Beaute By MtrlGirl
  • I Totally love and stand behind Intense Beaute. From the high quality hair to the most beautiful packaging and branding that you would expect, I can say this with confidence, "You will not be disappointed, you will fall in love with this hair". Also, the customer service is prompt to respond to any questions you may have. I'm a now a lifetime customer. #mtrlgirl

    Danita RobinsonJacksonville Florida
  • AWESOME SAUCE!!! I love how she communicated with me throughout the entire process and answered all of my questions(I swear I had one everyday lol) . The hair was packaged so beautifully, and each bundle came in a cute black bag which also included hair care instructions (every girl needs that). The bundles are full and extremely soft(no exaggeration) I can't wait to install!

    Stephanie KirklandLas Vegas, NV
  • I waa terrified & excited all at once (it was my first time ever buying &/or wearing weave)! Mtrlgrl held my hand during the entire pre order process (& it was a process lol). When I received my hair, I instantly fell in love. The presentation made me feel like I indeed had magic (#blackgirlmagic)! The hair was soft, fluffy & smelled like a bottle of smell good conditioner. Since it was my first, I had a few other weave queens feel & play with the bundles & they too fell in love. Now I'm patiently waiting for these gorgeous bundles to become part of an Intense Beaute infamous wig!!!

    TamaraNew York