Intense Beaute By MtrlGirl
  • First off, let me say what you doing as young black entrepreneur is amazing! You are one those who likes to help others and just doesn’t keep all the secrets to yourself!!! I purchased your book and it is very informative. Things I thought I knew already, you have exposed me to a deeper knowledge and understanding of starting your own hair business. Your book is straight to the point! I would recommend this great self help book to anyone who is trying to start a hair business! I thank you for this knowledge!! 😘

    Jennie JensenBoston
  • I purchased the coil crush oct.2017 and it’s 8 months later and the hair is still full and soft. This is the first time that I ever kept hair that long and was able to still wear it! I just purchased the body wave and I can’t wait to wear it! This is my new favorite hair company!!!!

    Dejanai Hayward, California
  • I just ordered the raw beaute curl and I'm beyond pressed for it! It's my birthday hair and from the constant video binging I've done on YouTube, ima look flawless and snatched! Lol I'll post another review and picture once received! Just waiting for it to be shipped so my anxiety can calm down!!!! Lol

    Morgan ChapmanNC